Hazelnut Knitting Pattern

I am making a story sack for one of my little monkeys favourite books and needed a nut, think this about fits the bill.

I used 3.25mm needles and dk yarn. You only need a tiny amount of each yarn and a small amount of stuffing. Finished nut is approx 2″


Using cream cast on 6 st.

Kfb to end (12st)

[K1, kfb] to end (18st)

[Kfb, p2] to end (24 st)

[K3, kfb] to end (30 st)

Switch to brown, leave tail in cream for sewing.

P 1 row

[K4, kfb] to end (36 st)

St st 5 rows

[K4, k2tog} to end (30 st)

St st 3 rows

[K3, k2tog] to end (24 st)

P 1 row

[K2, k2tog] to end (18 st)

[P2tog, p1] to end (12 st)

K2tog to end (6 st)

Break yarn, thread through remaining st and use to sew up side of nut. Stuff firmly, fasten off brown yarn and use tail end of cream to sew up remaining seam. All done!


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