New Knitting Patterns

eHave been a busy bee recently putting together some knitting patterns I  have been working on for a while. Problem I have is that its much more fun knitting than writing them up so they tend to hang around a while after the item has been finished before I get round to typing them! But they are now here.


Cupcake knitting pattern has been perfected (at least I think so!)and something completely different is a rose which I really love. Have never knitted any flowers before and was looking for a pattern but was unable to find a rose with petals, most of them seem to just be a bit of knitting swirled round on itself. So this has individual petals and looks a bit more real (at least as real as a knitted flower can look!)


Both are listed in my etsy store and will be added to the website when I get round to it – kids are now on Easter hols so who knows when that will be!


Calorie free cakes!

I like knitting cakes. I have no idea what the purpose of this is but I find them very relaxing. I made a plate of cakes for my grandmother last year, then a toilet roll holder in the shape of a birthday cake (complete with candle) for my friends 40th and my mother has put in a request for this christmas. These are my own pattern which I intend to write up at some point. I am especially pleased with the swirled icing with the strawberry on top, it looks far more decadent than the others.