Hazelnut Knitting Pattern

I am making a story sack for one of my little monkeys favourite books and needed a nut, think this about fits the bill.

I used 3.25mm needles and dk yarn. You only need a tiny amount of each yarn and a small amount of stuffing. Finished nut is approx 2″


Using cream cast on 6 st.

Kfb to end (12st)

[K1, kfb] to end (18st)

[Kfb, p2] to end (24 st)

[K3, kfb] to end (30 st)

Switch to brown, leave tail in cream for sewing.

P 1 row

[K4, kfb] to end (36 st)

St st 5 rows

[K4, k2tog} to end (30 st)

St st 3 rows

[K3, k2tog] to end (24 st)

P 1 row

[K2, k2tog] to end (18 st)

[P2tog, p1] to end (12 st)

K2tog to end (6 st)

Break yarn, thread through remaining st and use to sew up side of nut. Stuff firmly, fasten off brown yarn and use tail end of cream to sew up remaining seam. All done!


Tooth Fairy Door Hanger To Sew

I dont do much sewing but would like to. I do sometimes make things out of felt and this is one such creation.

My darling baby had to have 2 teeth taken out the other day <sob> and all he seemed bothered about was the tooth fairy bringing him some pennies. He wasnt anything like as upset as me (which is good, I think).

So rather than let the tooth fairy wake him up in the night rummaging under his pillow (he is the lightest sleeper ever) I made this to hang on the door knob. I hope you like it and it can bring a bit of happiness to other gappy individuals.


Copy and paste the picture below into something like word so you can print, the pic should be A4 sized to get a hanger the same size as mine. To do this you will have to reduce the margins and stretch the picture to fill the page.

You will need – Felt in white, eye colour of choice, black and red. Ribbon for hanging and toy stuffing (I cant find any near where I live so I bought a cheap cuchion and ripped it open).

tooth hanger

Instructions –

Cut out all pieces according to template (you dont really have to cut round the little white bit for the eye, thats just so you remember to make one). I used a simple running stitch to do all the sewing and doubled up the thread. I also used thread in the same colour as the piece I was sewing but you can get a nice effect using a contrasting colour.

Start with the eyes. Sew the white bit to the black bit then the black bit to the blue/green/brown/whatever colour eyes you want bit.

Position the eyes and the mouth on one of the tooth pieces and make sure you are happy. Pin them into position and stitch them on, you only stitch the bottom half of the mouth on as this is the pocket for teeth and money.

Then put the two white bits together. Put the ribbon in place NOW or you will end up cursing and unpicking to get back to that bit later (or perhaps thats just me).

Sew almost all the way round the tooth shape making sure the ribbon is very secure, I did 3 lines of stitching as small children have a habit of yanking things too hard if there is something they want inside.

When you have just a couple of inches left to stitch, stuff the tooth shape lightly. Then finish off the stitching and tidy up the ends of the thread.



Its been a while

But I am still here and still knitting. And occasionally making jewellery but my current fave is knitting. I have been busy, I just havent taken photos but I do plan to put that right.

So the first project I want to show off is the cardi I made for my mums birthday. It is the first cabled project I have ever done and I was very surprised by how easy and non fiddly it was, non fiddly is good when you have an attention span as miniscule as mine.

The pattern is from Simply Knitting magazine issue 55, June 2009. The yarn is 2 ply baby alpaca knit on 4mm needles to give it a lovely airy feeling.


The cables run straight up the front, 2 either side of the buttons and have a lacy bit between them


I replaced the suggested black beads around the neckline with 4mm freshwater pearl nuggets, you can see the lace panel better on this one


PMC Blog Giveaway!

Not mine I’m afraid, I have yet to have a go at this.

Amazing giveaway going on over at Murano Silver blog , only question is do I really want to let more people know about it… hmmmmm……

Painted Scrabble Tiles

I love painting but rarely get enough time. I had these scrabble tiles knocking about and thought they would be perfect for tiny painting projects! Now I just have to make them into something, probably pendants but maybe dolls house art?



Maybe its because spring is in the air, who knows. I have come over all excited about rainbow colours recently and have added these to the website although the necklace I have marked as out of stock because I love it so much I will have to keep it! I have to say I would  be more than happy to make some more though, I love the colours and it combines 2 of my favourite kinds of beads Рgorgeous swarovskis and teeny tiny seed beads.

Pictures show

1 – front of necklace, swarovski colours with clear AB in between

2 – full rainbow necklace

3 – pendant to hang on a ribbon

4 – swarovski and silver plated wire bracelet






Wedding Jewellery and Tiaras

I decided I would like to have a play with sparkly things so I have started compiling a wedding section on my website.

I have several pairs of earrings on there which I am very pleased with and a few tiaras. Its great working with the really pretty stuff like swarovskis and gorgeous gorgeous pearls. I still have to make some necklaces and bracelets but things are coming along and I am loving it!

I have also decided to have a go at wedding favours, I know how much my friend agonised over them when she got married so I thought it might be nice to make  something small which people might actually use afterwards. I am still adding things and making things but if anyoe would like to leave a comment on what is there already I would love to hear from you!


crystaltiara2 5swarovdropearringrosetiarafront3pearldropearringspearlfantiarabearnuggetstrandearrings

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