More knitted wire!

This time using a knitted dolly. Freshwater pearl nuggets and teeny little glass crystals trapped inside a tube of knitted wire. Two strands of delicate wire again, one purple and one a kind off dull gold clour, not bronze, not silver – not sure really! Let me know what you think!


My latest obsession

is knitting with wire. Its just lovely. Unfortunately its very hard to photograph. This is my first go, its 2 strands of 0.2 mm wire (one green, one gold) and tiny pearl seed beads knitted using 4mm needles. Its large enough for a chunky cuff bracelet.

See what I mean about the photo? It reminds me of mistletoe, the beads are just like berries and the green and gold is very christmassy. My friend described it as pretty chainmail.

I have also made a choker using thicker wire which makes it quite substantial. I havent measured it but its about 5 or 6cm tall and rather stiff. This is pink wire and amethyst chips, the clasp I made myself from silver plated wire. The photo shows the back so the clasp is on display.