I’m not good at blogs

This is my third. The first I got rid of because I didnt like the name. The second I used a different site but I am too much of a technoidiot to figure out how to use it. So I thought third time lucky.

That was several weeks ago. The whole point of this is to display the stuff I make, I love crafty stuff and most of it gets made then forgotten, the two items I have on folksy have been there a while and getting together the energy to put more on is a lot less fun than making the stuff in the first place. So I started a blog with the idea that it might inspire me to get myself in gear and list some stuff to sell. By stuff I mean knitted items and jewellery mostly. But then I started knitting a jumper for my littlest littley and it has taken WEEKS! So no posts. But at last it is finished.

It is lovely. Was it worth the weeks of knitting my fingers to the bone? Probably not, at least he doesnt think so, all he does is drool on it and cover it in chocolate.

But I have managed my first post, YAY! So maybe I will become on  of those organised people after all.


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